ScheduleOnce for Google Apps

ScheduleOnce for Google Apps is a special edition of ScheduleOnce that is designed specifically for organizations using Google Apps. Its special features are the single sign-on with the user's Google Apps account, and the automatic connection to the user's Google Calendar. In terms of functionality, ScheduleOnce for Google Apps is exactly the same product as the ScheduleOnce product offered on

ScheduleOnce for Google Apps is only available to organizations running Google Apps, and can only be installed from the Google Apps Marketplace by the organization's Google Apps Administrator.

Once installed, any User on the domain can create the first ScheduleOnce account. That account will become the first Administration account and all Users will be added from that account only. Learn about adding Users.

When the first Administration account is created, any User on the domain who tries to create an account without receiving an invitation from the Administration account, will be instructed to ask the Administrator to add them as a User.

Once Users are added and have signed up, they can simply access ScheduleOnce from their Google universal navigation bar or with the Google login for ScheduleOnce.

ScheduleOnce for Google Apps uses Google’s single sign on, so it is as secure as your Google Apps account. If you’re already logged into Google Apps, no login is required to access the ScheduleOnce application.

To install ScheduleOnce for Google Apps, ask your Google Apps Administrator to visit our listing in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Please note: The 14-day trial for ScheduleOnce for Google Apps is only available in the Professional plan. If you require a different plan, you can either purchase the ScheduleOnce for Google Apps plan that you are interested in, or delete your ScheduleOnce for Google Apps account and and sign-up for any trial on our pricing page.

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