Using ScheduleOnce with Google Calendar

Any Google Calendar can easily connect to ScheduleOnce, whether you use a Gmail Calendar or a Google Apps Calendar. The connection to Google Calendar is accomplished with a single click and uses a secure Google token. Your calendar information is always kept private and calendar appointments and free/busy patterns are never revealed to customers.

​Using ScheduleOnce with Google Calendar

Key features

  • Real time connection: ScheduleOnce works with your Google Calendar in real time. Bookings made via ScheduleOnce are automatically created in your calendar and busy time from your calendar immediately block your availability in ScheduleOnce.

  • Secure connection: ScheduleOnce uses a Google token to establish a secure connection with your Google Calendar. Once connected, all communication with your Google Calendar is encrypted, keeping your calendar data safe and secure.

  • Schedule in multiple calendars: Schedule in your main booking calendar and automatically add additional calendars as guests.

  • Retrieve busy time from multiple calendars: Retrieve busy time from any calendar in your Google Calendar account, including those created by you and shared with you.

  • View busy time details: Easily see busy time details and use this information to make informed scheduling decisions.

  • Prevent double booking: Our real-time calendar connection and powerful integration features ensure you never get double booked.

  • Automatically send a Google Calendar invite: When a booking is made, a Google Calendar invite can be automatically sent to your customers, seamlessly adding the event to their calendars.

  • Keep your calendar private: Customers can only see available time slots. Your calendar details or free/busy patterns are never revealed.

  • Cancel or reschedule: You can cancel or reschedule events created by ScheduleOnce directly in your connected Google Calendar, and ScheduleOnce booking will be fully updated.

  • ScheduleOnce for Google Apps: Enjoy the benefits of single sign-on with your Google Apps account by installing ScheduleOnce from the Google Apps Marketplace.

  • Google Apps resource calendars: Resource scheduling and conditional booking are fully compatible with Google Apps resource calendars.

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