User profile

The User profile displays the details of every User, divided into five sections. Click the "My Profile" link in the top right avatar menu to access your own profile. Administrators can click on any User under Account -> Users to access that User's profile. The following information can be viewed or edited, based on role:
  • Members can view only their own profile, edit their personal settings, and change their password. Members see four out of the five profile sections, and cannot manage Booking page ownership and access.
  • Administrators can view other Users' main personal details, and manage roles and Booking page ownership and access for all Users. They can see two out of five sections for other Users.
  • Administrators can fully edit their own profile, including all five sections.

Profile sections

The full profile consists of five sections:
  1. Personal details - The User's main details: summary of integrations, name, role, photo, and ScheduleOnce sign-in ID (email or user name). Learn more about Personal details
  2. Booking pagesBooking page ownershipaccess and permissions.
  3. Notifications - Email notifications sent to you and your Customer, and SMS notifications sent to you. Learn more about the Notifications section
  4. Date and time - Set your time zone, week start day, and date and time format. Learn more about the Date and time section
  5. Change password - You can only change your password if you have signed up with a ScheduleOnce ID. If you have signed up with a Google ID and need to change your password, you must do it in Google.

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