An introduction to your account settings

How to access your account

To access your ScheduleOnce Account, go to the ScheduleOnce home page. If you are already signed in, ScheduleOnce will recognize you as a User and welcome you back. You will then be able to access your account.

If you are not signed in, ScheduleOnce will prompt you to do so:

You must sign in with the ID with which you signed up. Learn more about accessing your account

Please note: If you are using a version of ScheduleOnce that was installed from the Google Apps Marketplace, you must access it from within your Google Apps Account.

Changing your sign-in ID

If your account was created after August 16, 2014, you can change your own sign-in ID by going to the Personal settings area of your account, found at: Profile image or initials -> Settings tab -> Personal settings.

If your account was created before the relevant date, you can instead change your receiving email address in the same Personal settings area.

If you would like to change the sign-in ID for one of your Users, you should go to the Account -> Users tab, and make yourself the Booking page Owner of any Booking pages they own, and then delete their User. Recreate their User account with the preferred sign-in ID. Learn more about changing your sign-in ID

The account settings area

In the Account settings area, found at Account -> Settings tab, you can change your account Reports header, the set location of your Customer notifications section and Booking form sections, and enter your partner referral code. Learn more about the Account settings area

My profile settings area

In the My profile settings area, found by clicking your profile image or initials -> My profile, You can change your first and last name, your sign-in ID, and your password. You can also set your receiving email address, reply-to email address for Customer notifications, and your mobile phone number for SMS User notifications.

You can also set your account's default time zone, the week start day for your owned Booking pages, and the date/time format of your owned Booking pages, the reply-to email address for all customer notifications, and more. Learn more about the My profile settings area

How to delete your ScheduleOnce account

We believe that ScheduleOnce should be easy to get into and easy to get out of. So if you decide to leave us, we will not stand in your way, though we will be sorry to see you go. You can delete your account by going to Account -> Billing -> Downgrades.

Please note that when you delete your account, your data, meetings, and inbound pages will be permanently deleted. If you sign in again with the same ID, the system will treat you as a new user.

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