Introduction to ScheduleOnce billing

ScheduleOnce is offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Access to the service can be purchased with a monthly or annual subscription.

The subscription price is based on four factors:

  1. The account plan: You can see the list of features in our Pricing page.
  2. The number of Users who will be accepting appointments: ScheduleOnce is a multi-user system. Each User who accepts appointments requires a User license.
  3. The number of Booking pages
  4. Third party connectors to which you have access

Learn more about ScheduleOnce pricing

Purchasing, upgrading, and downgrading your account

Any ScheduleOnce Administrators can purchase, upgrade, or downgrade ScheduleOnce accounts. You can purchase or upgrade your account by going to Account -> Products

The Account -> Products tab allows you to view what is included in your ScheduleOnce account, change your billing cycle, and upgrade your plan. Learn more about purchasing and upgrading your account

You can Downgrade by going to Account-> Billing -> DowngradeLearn more about downgrading your account

Managing payment methods

You can manage payment methods by going to Account -> Billing in your ScheduleOnce account. Learn more about managing payment methods

Transactions and invoicing

You can access your transactions and invoices by going to Account -> Billing -> Transactions and invoicingLearn more about transactions and invoicing

Changing your billing cycle

All ScheduleOnce payments are recurring. Your account can be billed on a monthly basis or annually. Learn more about changing your billing cycle

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