Organizing by department, college, and grade level

You can use ScheduleOnce to accept bookings for guidance counselors, teachers, professors, academic advisors, and anyone else who works with your students. This article explains the options available for you to better organize your Booking page or Master page into meaningful groups, so that users can easily navigate and find the person they need.

  • Event types: If you have different meeting types for students, Event types can be a valuable addition to your Booking page. For example, let’s say you are a university department offering students career counseling, academic advisement, and tutoring.  Each of these offerings can be created as an Event type. Each can be added to the Booking pages of the specific staff members qualified to offer that Event type.

  • Categories - You can use Categories for Booking pages and/or Event types to provide a richer organization of your scheduling scenario.. Categories add an extra dimension to your page's organization. First, a student selects a Category. The Category is maximized, showing (for instance) the staff members grouped in that category.  You can use Categories to group staff members by department, grade, or other classifications. Learn more about Categories

  • Tags - You have the option of adding tags to your Booking pages so that the right person with whom to book can be located in a fast and efficient manner. Tags enable users to filter Booking pages by keywords. For example, you can use tags to filter staff members by department, grade level, language, or any other classification you use. Booking pages can have multiple tags, allowing you to put staff members into more than one group. Learn more about tags

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