Introduction to branding

ScheduleOnce provides a wide range of branding features, allowing you to comply with your corporate branding guidelines. You can design themes for your pages, embed ScheduleOnce in your website, fully customize the content and look and feel of your communications, send emails from your domain, and access Booking pages from your domain. Using this combination of features allows online scheduling to be completely under your brand.*

Fully customized the look and feel of your Booking pages with the Theme designer
You can align your Booking pages with your brand by creating custom themes in the Theme designer. Each theme includes a logo, call-to-action color, font, background image, and many other properties. There are five out-of-the-box system themes you can use and adjust, or you can create your own custom themes from scratch.

You can create one theme and apply it to all your pages to achieve uniform branding, or you can create multiple themes to make each of your pages unique.

Add your logo and images
You can add your logo and images to your Booking pages and Master pages. Logos are added to Booking pages from the Theme designer, while images are added to Event types, Booking pages and Master pages from their respective Overview sections.

Your logo can be added to any of the system themes or any custom theme you create. Your Customers will see your logo when accessing your Booking pages, ensuring the scheduling experience is completely under your brand.

Learn more about Adding your logo to ScheduleOnce. See our Image and icon gallery for images that you may use for your Event types, Booking pages, and Master pages.

Make scheduling part of your website
ScheduleOnce offers several brandless Publishing options. Scheduling will become an integral part of your website environment and the Customer scheduling experience will be completely under your brand.*

You are not just limited to your website, you can also add ScheduleOnce to your Facebook page and adding a Schedule button to WordPress blog. 

Send emails from your domain
All ScheduleOnce notification emails can be sent from your domain and email address of choice, providing your Customers and Users with a completely branded email experience. For instance, if your company name is Example, you can use When a notification email is sent, the corporate email address will be paired with each User’s private email name label. For example, when the Customer books with John Smith, the confirmation email will come from John Smith <>

Learn more about our additional email from your domain integration and how you can customize email notifications on both the organizational and personal levels.

Brand your email and SMS communications
The Notification templates editor allows you to completely customize the content and look-and-feel of any email and SMS notification to your Customers and Users. You can customize our default templates, or create your own templates from scratch. T
he WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor allows you to make any type of customization to your notification emails with no knowledge of HTML required. 

Brand your booking domain
You have worked hard to build your brand and it has earned your Customers’ trust. The Custom booking domain feature allows you to extend this trust to online scheduling, making it an integral part of your website and brand. 

Brand your post-scheduling experience
When a booking is made, you can set ScheduleOnce to automatically redirect the customer to a web page of your choice. This enables you to bring customers to your website and guide their entire booking experience.

*Today, the only exposure to the ScheduleOnce branding is during the Cancel/reschedule process initiated by Customers. When Customers click on the Cancel/Reschedule link from their booking notification, the Booking page link that opens shows the ScheduleOnce domain name.

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