Cancelling a booking

When you cancel a booking, you are always subject to the Cancellation policy set by the meeting organizer.

To cancel a single booking:

  1. Click the Cancel/Reschedule link in the scheduling confirmation email or calendar event.
    The Cancel/reschedule page opens.
  2. Click the Cancel tab on the Cancel/Reschedule page (See Figure 1).
  3. If required, enter a reason for canceling.
  4. Click the Cancel the booking button.

    Note: If you paid for the booking, the Customer Cancellation policy might stipulate that you will receive a refund when canceling the booking.

  5. The cancellation confirmation page appears.
  6. Upon cancellation, you will receive a cancellation email notification and the meeting organizer is notified.

    You’re done. No further action is required.

    Figure 1: Canceling a booking

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