Cancelling sessions in a package

When you cancel one or more sessions within a package, you are always subject to the Cancellation policy set by the meeting organizer.

To cancel one or more sessions:

  1. Click the Cancel/Reschedule link in the scheduling confirmation email or calendar event.
    The Cancel/reschedule page opens.
  2. Click the Cancel tab on the Cancel/reschedule page (See Figure 1).
  3. Select the sessions you wish to cancel.
  4. If required, enter a reason for canceling.
  5. Click the Cancel selected sessions button.

    Note: If you paid for the Session package, the Customer Cancellation policy might stipulate that you will receive a refund when cancelling one or more sessions. The Refund amount is always relative to the number of sessions included in the Session package.

  6. The cancellation confirmation page appears and displays the list of canceled sessions.
  7. Upon submission, you will receive a notification email with the list of canceled sessions and the meeting organizer is notified.

    You’re done. No further action is required.

    Figure 1: Cancelling sessions in a package

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