Customer action: Reschedule a single booking

Customers are always subject to the Reschedule policy and can reschedule a single booking.

  1. To reschedule, the Customer clicks the Cancel/Reschedule link in the scheduling confirmation email or calendar event. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: Booking confirmation email
  1. The cancel/reschedule page appears.
  2. ​On the Cancel/reschedule page, the Customer can review his booking on the Keep tab or click the Reschedule tab to reschedule the booking. (See Figure 2)

Note: When using Payment integration, you can charge Customers a reschedule fee when they reschedule a booking or one or more sessions in a package. This enables you to generate an additional revenue stream and reduces unnecessary rescheduling activity.

Figure 2: Reschedule tab

  1. On the Booking form step, all information from the original booking is already prepopulated. Learn more about prepopulated Booking form
  2. Upon rescheduling, the Customer will receive a reschedule email notification, along with the meeting organizer and any additional stakeholdersLearn more about the effect of rescheduling

Learn more about cancelling and rescheduling:

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