Installing the ScheduleOnce connector for Outlook

ScheduleOnce uses a proprietary connector to establish a secure connection with your Outlook Calendar. Once connected, all communication with your Outlook calendar is encrypted, keeping your calendar data safe and secure.

In this article, you will learn how to generate ScheduleOnce authentication credentials and how to install the ScheduleOnce connector for Outlook on your Windows PC (Mac is not supported).

  1. In your ScheduleOnce account, go to Integration -> Calendar integration.
  2. In the Outlook section, click Connect.

    Important: In addition to connecting with your Outlook Calendar on your PC, ScheduleOnce also can connect directly to the Office 365 API. This might be a more stable option than connecting to your local computer's Outlook software through a downloaded connector. ScheduleOnce recommends that, if you use Office 365, you connect to ScheduleOnce through our API integration with the Office 365 cloud rather than through the Outlook client integration. Learn more about the differences between the Office 365 and Outlook integrations

  3. In the Outlook Calendar integration page, you can download the connector to your Windows PC. Click the Download and connect button. (See Figure 1)

    Figure 1: Download and connect to Outlook Calendar

  4. After you download the ScheduleOnce connector for Outlook, you are in a pending connection state with your Outlook Calendar and you will not be able to accept bookings until you install the connector and perform the first sync. On the page, you will see your credentials and the step-by-step instructions to connect and configure the Outlook connector. You will need these credentials to sign into the connector. (See Figure 2)

    Figure 2: Pending connection state

    Note: The connector is compatible with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. The connector installation file size is about 13 mb. The connector is not compatible with Macs.

In order to start syncing the connector, you will need to:

  1. Connect and configure the connector’s settings
  2. Configure calendar settings for your Booking pages

Learn more about Outlook calendar integration:

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