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The Website widget is one of our Publishing options and is a great addition to your lead generation strategy.

The widget is a persistent call-to-action that allows your website visitors to schedule conveniently when browsing your website. It is a multi-channel engagement tool that, in addition to scheduling, also supports submission of email inquiries and allows you to prominently display your contact phone number:

  • Scheduling: Opens your Booking page or Master page in a themed lightbox (overlay pop-up) allowing your prospects and customers to easily schedule an appointment with your organization. ScheduleOnce is the only scheduling platform that allows you to customize the height of the scheduling pane, which can be fixed or responsive. When it is responsive, the height adapts to the length of your content. Learn more about advanced customization
  • Email: Allows your prospects and customers to submit a quick inquiry note. Upon submission, the Customer will receive a confirmation email and you will be sent the note.
  • Phone: Displays your organization's phone numbers allowing prospects and customers to  get in touch.



To add the Website widget to your website, you will need:
  • A ScheduleOnce Member or Administrator. 
  • A webmaster or direct access to your company website’s code.

Using the Website widget for any website visitor

The Website widget is responsive and automatically adjusts to desktop and mobile devices. The content and design of the widget are completely customizable. The widget can be added to the bottom right or bottom left corner of any web site or web page. 

To add the widget to your website:

  1. Log in to ScheduleOnce and go to Share & Publish.
  2. In the Website widget tab, customize the Widget header and Widget layout.
  3. In the Widget content step, select the Booking page or Master page for your widget and customize the channels for your widget.
  4. When you’re finished, simply copy and paste the Widget code in your website.
  5. Optional: For advanced customization, you can add CSS properties to the code to further customize the widget design and lightbox height.

Note: To implement changes to your Website widget settings, you must replace the code added to your web pages. You do not need to replace the code when you change settings for your Booking pageMaster page, or the theme design. Changes to these settings are automatically implemented with no further actions. 

Not supported

  • The widget and lightbox are an HTML 5 app and will not work optimally on old browsers such as IE 8. Learn more about our System requirements
  • Please note that the code contains JavaScript, which might be blocked by some low-cost web hosting providers. In this case, you will not be able to embed ScheduleOnce in this website.


ScheduleOnce provides the following publishing options:

  1. Website widget
  2. Website embed
  3. Website button
  4. Facebook page tab
  5. WordPress button

This publishing option is available to all site visitors and therefore, is best used when implementing the BOLD marketing strategy

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