Booking page themes

You can align your Booking pages with the look and feel of your brand by selecting from five ready-made themes. In addition, you can also fully control the color of your booking page buttons.

To select a theme and adjust button colors go to Account -> Settings tab -> Account settings. Learn more about Account settings

Available Booking page themes:

1. Quiet blue - This is the default theme and the one used by ScheduleOnce. This theme uses light blue colors to create a relaxing atmosphere.
ScheduleOnce quiet blue theme

2. Light gray - This is a generic theme that fits a wide range of website designs.
ScheduleOnce light gray theme

3. Dark gray - This is a generic theme with a strong contrast that projects a noticeable presence.
ScheduleOnce dark gray theme

4. Snow white - This is a generic and minimalistic theme that fits both white and colorful sites.
ScheduleOnce snow white theme

5. Fresh green - This theme works best with sites that are based on green, orange, purple or gray colors.
ScheduleOnce fresh green theme

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