Purchasing and upgrading your ScheduleOnce account

Only ScheduleOnce Administrators can purchase, upgrade, or downgrade ScheduleOnce accounts. You can purchase or upgrade your account from the My products section in the Account drop-down menu. 

The Account -> Product tab allows you to view what is included in your ScheduleOnce account, change your billing cycle, and upgrade your plan.

Trial Account

  • In ScheduleOnce, every purchase starts with a free trial. You can sign up for any account plan you like from our pricing page.
  • Each trial is available for fourteen days and includes three User licenses and three connector licenses for all connectors.
  • Every trial account comes with 25 free SMS credits. Learn more about SMS notifications
  • The number of booking pages included with each User license depends on your account plan. For example, if you are on a Professional plan, your trial will include two Booking page licenses per User license, but an Enterprise plan includes three Booking page licenses per User license. Learn more about the different ScheduleOnce plans on our pricing page
  • You can add payment methods during the free trial and only an authorization check will be done to validate the payment method. The stored card will be automatically presented as your primary card in the purchase process. Learn more about managing payment methods

Purchasing for the first time

  • You can purchase your account at any time during the trial period. When you purchase, you can add User licenses, additional Booking page licenses, and third-party connector licenses.

Important: When your trial ends without payment, your account is suspended for a period of 90 days. Your scheduling configuration is kept and you can sign in at any time to purchase your account. After 90 days, your trial account is deleted and your ScheduleOnce data is lost.

  • When you have a trial account, your account includes three User licenses for each third-party connector. When you purchase your account for the first time, the default number of User licenses will be set to three for each third-party connector. Make sure you select the number of connector licenses based on your organization’s needs.
  • All ScheduleOnce payments are recurring and based on the number of licenses purchased. You can decide to have a monthly or annual recurring billing cycle. If you choose to have an annual billing, you receive two months free. 
  • When you purchase for the first time, the purchase date will be the billing date for your recurring cycles. For example, if you purchased on September 1, your monthly payments are billed every first of the month. If you are on an annual cycle, your annual payments are billed every year on September 1. 

Upgrading your Account

  • After the initial purchase, every purchase will be an upgrade. When you upgrade your plan, the upgrade is immediately available in your account. 
  • When you upgrade your account, your recurring billing date does not change. You will first pay a prorated amount for the remaining cycle between the date you upgraded the account and the recurring billing date. The full recurring payment will only apply thereafter. Learn more about Transactions and invoicing

Adding User licenses

Adding additional Booking page licenses

  • You can add additional Booking pages to your account beyond the Booking pages included with your User licenses. 

​Adding third-party connector licenses

  • You can add connector licenses to your account, for example GoToMeeting or WebEx connectors.
  • Connector licenses are per User, so if you want your three ScheduleOnce Users to connect to GoToMeeting, you must purchase 3 GoToMeeting connector licenses.

Purchasing SMS credits
Unlike other ScheduleOnce products which are invoiced on a recurring basis, SMSes are purchased in packages of credits which are deducted based on usage. SMS packages are purchased per account, not per User. This means that any User can send SMSes through your ScheduleOnce account. Learn more about SMS pricing

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