Revenue reports

Revenue reports address the following needs:

  • Understand overall revenue from bookings for a given period of time –Get an overview of how much revenue was made from bookings during a period of time.
  • Understand revenue by services - Understand which services bring in the most and least revenue.
  • Understand revenue by customer- Understand which customers bring in the most and least revenue. This may be helpful in figuring out your strongest customer base.
  • Understand revenue by Booking pages and Owners- Understand how the overall revenue is divided between the different booking pages and different Owners.
  • Access all the transactions relevant for a single Booking page or a specific service – See the complete transaction log for a single Booking page or a specific service.
  • Export revenue reports – You can easily export your revenue report to Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Rules for Revenue reports

  1. The Revenue report is sorted by the date range specified. Only transactions within the selected date range are displayed.

  2. Transactions are sorted by the currency specified. Only transactions in the currency selected are displayed.

    Note: The currency drop-down menu in the Revenue report includes currencies that you may not necessarily be using to accept payments for your bookings. If you select a currency from the drop-down menu which you do not use to accept payments, then no transactions will be displayed.

  3. Transactions can be filtered by Customer, Booking page, Service, Owner, Master booking page, Transaction type, and Transaction status.​

  4. By default, trashed transactions are not shown. To view trashed transactions simply check the Showed trashed activities.

  5. The Revenue, Amount refunded, and Amount presented in the mini dashboard at the top of the report are updated based on dates chosen, the currency selected and the filter dimensions chosen.

  6. As an administrator, you are able to add Custom columns to Revenue reports. Learn more about the list of System fields that can be added to Detail reports. Note that Payment system fields can only be added to Revenue reports and no other report types.

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