Integrating Zoom web conferencing with ScheduleOnce

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This article assumes you already have an active Zapier connection in your ScheduleOnce account. If you have not connected the two yet or if you are unsure whether the connection is active, follow the connecting ScheduleOnce with Zapier instructions to get it going.

Integrating Zoom with ScheduleOnce

Zoom integration through Zapier allows you to create a new meeting in Zoom when a booking is made via ScheduleOnce. ScheduleOnce created recommended zap templates that enable the following scenarios:


  1. Update Google Calendar events with Zoom meeting links when new bookings are made via ScheduleOnce 

    If you are using ScheduleOnce with Google Calendar, an event is created in the connected calendar and can be added to the Customers' calendar. When using this Zap template, a new Zoom meeting is created whenever a booking is made via ScheduleOnce and the Zoom meeting link is automatically inserted into the location field of the Google Calendar event.

    Your customers then receive an updated Google Calendar invite with the Zoom meeting link, allowing them to access all relevant booking details from one single place, without any effort on your part.

    โ€‹How does this integration work?
  • A new booking is made via ScheduleOnce
  • Zapier creates a new meeting in Zoom
  • Zapier finds the matching Google Calendar event
  • Zapier updates the event's location field with the new Zoom meeting link
  1. Create a new Zoom meeting and send Customers the Zoom link via email

    If you are using ScheduleOnce without a calendar integration or are connected to a different calendar than Google Calendar via ScheduleOnce, you can use this Zap template to notify your customers when a new booking is made in ScheduleOnce. Zapier will create a new meeting in Zoom, and then email your customer with the information, ensuring they have all the details they need. 

    How does this integration work?

  • A new booking is made via ScheduleOnce
  • Zapier creates a new meeting in Zoom
  • Zapier sends out an email with all the information for the meeting


More tips

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If you encounter any issues while working with Zapier, be sure to check our Zapier integration troubleshooting article and ScheduleOnce Zapier integration support policy.

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