The Availability section

The availability section includes two types of availability: Weekly recurring and Date-specific. You can use Weekly recurring only, Date-specific only or both. The Availability section also includes the time zone in which availability is displayed. You can change this time zone independently from the time zone of your ScheduleOnce account. This means that you can have multiple Booking pages, each with its own time zone. Read the time zone settings article to learn more.

1- Weekly recurring availability

Recurring availability is defined on a weekly basis, so that you can create a pattern repeating every week. Weekly recurring availability defines the typical times in which you are available to meet. Recurring availability saved
Quick facts
  • Recurring availability is defined on a weekly template without dates
  • You will not see your connected calendar, as it is only a weekly pattern without dates
  • Recurring availability will always be overridden by Date-specific availability
  • You can always change the number of hours in the grid by clicking the +Add hours link
  • Since Weekly recurring availability shows when you are typically available, it requires very little maintenance

2 - Date-specific availability

Date-specific availability is defined for specific days so that you can designate your availability for each calendar day. If you used recurring availability, it will serve as a basis for your Date-specific availability. Any changes you make in Date-specific will apply to the edited days only and will always override your Weekly recurring availability on those dates.
Date-specific availability saved
Quick facts
  • Date-specific availability is defined for each calendar day
  • It always overrides recurring availability
  • If you have recurring availability, any date-specific changes that you make apply to the edited dates only and do not affect the recurring weekly pattern
  • You can always change the number of hours in the grid by clicking the +Add hours link
  • Since Date-specific requires you to specify your availability for each individual day, it requires more maintenance than recurring availability

There are three ways in which you can use Booking page availability:

  • Use Weekly recurring only: If your availability pattern is pretty consistent from week to week, you may not need to add date-specific exceptions. This is especially true if your calendar is connected and you use busy times to block out your availability. Learn more about busy time behavior
  • Use Date-specific only: If your scheduling is limited to specific days, or if your availability pattern is highly variable from week to week, it may be best to use Date-specific only. This is the most accurate method, but it requires more maintenance. Using Date-specific only can also be a good solution if your calendar is not connected and busy times cannot block out your availability.
  • Use Weekly recurring and add Date-specific exceptions: You use Weekly recurring to define the general times in which you are available and use Date-specific to add exceptions that override recurring availability on specific dates. For example, you were on vacation on a certain week, so the week after, you wanted to make up for it by making yourself available until late in the evening.

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