Introduction to User management

ScheduleOnce is a true multi-user system, designed to meet the scheduling needs of organizations large and small. Whether your organization is a small business with a few local employees, or a large, multinational corporation with team members distributed across multiple time zones, ScheduleOnce can support it all. With ScheduleOnce you can manage an entire team in one centralized account. Team members can work independently or participate in scheduling scenarios across the organization.

If your team is currently using individual ScheduleOnce accounts, you may be missing out on many organizational benefits that ScheduleOnce can provide. Learn more on how to migrate your individual users into one ScheduleOnce account.

User types:

When your account includes more than one User license, you can create two types of Users: Administrators and Members. These two different User types have different privileges in the system. Learn more about the difference between a Member and an Administrator

Managing Users:

As an Administrator, you can easily:

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