Joining your organization's ScheduleOnce account

This article includes FAQs for new Users who receive an invitation to join the organization's account.

Common FAQs

I have just received an invitation to join my organization's ScheduleOnce account. What does this mean? 
Firstly, welcome to the ScheduleOnce family. ScheduleOnce is a collaborative multi-user platform that powers online scheduling for organizations involving multiple team members. The email invitation you received indicates that a ScheduleOnce Administrator added you as a User. This means you now have an active account in ScheduleOnce and may already be receiving bookings. To log into your account simply click the Sign in to your account button and fill out your personal details. Happy scheduling!

Note: Invitation sign-in links are valid for 24 hours. You should access your account within the timeframe to prevent the link expiration.

I have not received an email invitation

If you have not yet received an invitation, you should ask the ScheduleOnce Administrator to add you as a User. You will then receive an invitation with a sign-in link. ​If your Administrator sent you an invite and you still can't see the email invitation, check your spam folder. You can also ask the ScheduleOnce Administrator to resend it to you. Be sure to confirm they sent the invitation to the correct email address.

My sign-in link has expired, what should I do?
For security reasons, invitation sign-in links are valid for 24 hours. You should contact your administrator and ask them to resend the invitation. This will reset the 24 hour time frame and allow you to sign-in to the account. 

Can I change my sign-in ID after I sign up?

Unless you're using a G Suite ID to sign into your account, you can change your sign-in email. Please see the Changing sign in ID article to learn how to change your sign-in ID.

My account type is Member or Administrator - What does this mean?

Please see the Member vs. Administrator article to learn about your account type.

Can I delete my account?

No, you cannot. Only an Administrator can delete your account. Even if you are an Administrator, you cannot delete your own account. Only another Administrator can delete it.

Do I lose my Booking pages if my account is deleted?

No. If an Administrator deletes your account, he must first reassign your Booking pages to another User. If the Administrator creates a new account for you, it can include the same Booking pages.

I already have a ScheduleOnce account - Can I merge it?

Yes, please see the merging User accounts article.

I am trying to sign up but see an alert message that there is already an account with my ID

If you want to use this ID, you need to delete your other ScheduleOnce account first. To do this, sign in with that ID and delete the account from the Account -> Billing tab -> Downgrade -> Account status. This will free up the ID. You can then return to the invitation email, click the sign up link, and sign up with that ID.

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