Lifecycle phases and activity states

All bookings follow a lifecycle. Depending on which phase of the lifecycle a booking is in, its scheduling status changes, as do the scheduling actions available to you. 

Where are scheduling statuses and scheduling actions used?

  • In the Home page, individual bookings and session packages are given a status, and the relevant scheduling actions are available for you to use.
  • All ScheduleOnce reports make use of scheduling statuses to allow you to easily view the stage of bookings within the lifecycle.
  • Scheduling statues are also used with our Third-party integrations

What are the different lifecycle phases?
The table below shows the different lifecycle phases and their associated statues and actions menu. 

Lifecycle phases when accepting bookings:

LIFECYCLE PHASES: Booking awaiting approval (in booking with approval only) Booking scheduled (and yet to take place) Booking rescheduled (and yet to take place) Booking completed Customer did not show up to the meeting Booking canceled
Status: Requested Scheduled Rescheduled Completed (automatically set after the scheduled time) No-show (manually set by user) Canceled
Menu actions: Schedule

Request new times/Cancel

Cancel/Request reschedule

Cancel/Request reschedule

Move to trash
Set to No-show
Cancel/Request reschedule
Move to trash
Cancel/Request reschedule
Move to trash

What are the definitions of the scheduling statuses?

Requested: This phase applies before a time has been scheduled. In Booking with approval, this phase is created when a booking request is received. In Group scheduling, it is created when a new Group scheduling invitation is created.

Scheduled: This phase applies when the activity is scheduled and before the scheduled time has arrived.

Rescheduled: This phase applies when the activity is rescheduled and before the scheduled time has arrived.

Completed: This phase applies when the scheduled time has arrived and the activity has already happened.

No-show: This phase applies when the user has changed the Completed status to No-show in the Home page, within the Activity stream’s Booking details tab.

Canceled: This phase applied when the activity has been canceled by either the customer or the owner. Canceled is different from Delete as it notifies the other party, while Delete is only a clean-up activity that moves the activity to the trash without any notification. Learn more about the effects of cancellation.

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