How do I change my sign-in ID?

Changing the sign-in ID is only possible in regular ScheduleOnce accounts. If you are using ScheduleOnce for G Suite, your sign-in ID is your G Suite ID and as such, it cannot be changed by ScheduleOnce.

Scenario 1: I want to change the sign-in ID for myself
The sign-in ID can be changed. If you want to have your account under a different sign-in ID, edit your sign-in ID by clicking on your profile image or initials in the top right corner and selecting My Profile. You can edit the email address in the Personal details section. You will be required to provide your password before changing your sign-in ID. Once your changes are saved, you can sign out and sign in again with your new sign-in ID. Updating your sign-in ID will also update the email used to receive notifications. 

Scenario 2: I want to change the sign-in ID for one of my Users
If you are a ScheduleOnce Administrator and want to change the sign-in ID for one of your Users, you can temporarily make yourself the owner of their Booking pages and delete the User. Then, recreate the User with the new ID and reassign ownership of the Booking pages to the new User.

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