Pooled availability - Automatic assignment

ScheduleOnce has two options for using pooled availability: Find member by time and Automatic assignment. This article explains Automatic assignment. Learn about Find member by time

In Automatic assignment, the Customer selects a time from a single calendar that combines the availability of all members. ScheduleOnce then assigns an available member using a round robin method or based on a set priority. Automatic assignment is suitable when there are many members or when members have equal capabilities and what matters most is the time. Automatic assignment is not limited to members. You can use it to automatically assign resources, users, locations and anything that a Booking page represents.

Learn more about the benefits of automatic assignment | See a live demo

Take the following steps to create a Master page with automatic member assignment:

  1. Create a Booking page for each member, resource, or any other entity that you would like to automatically assign. Do not configure any Booking page settings yet.

  2. To use pooled availability, you must use at least one Event type to create commonality in the booking settings. You can use multiple Event types or a single Event type if you only have one meeting type. If you use one Event type, it will be automatically selected and it will be completely transparent to your Customers. The name of the single Event type should be the subject of your appointment. For example, if you are offering a free consultation, name the single Event type "Free consultation." Please note that all Event types used in Pooled availability must use Automatic booking mode. Pooled availability is not possible in Booking with approval mode.

  3. Associate your Event types with your Booking pages in the Event types section of the Booking page.  If you have created a single Event type, all Booking pages that participate in Pooled availability should be linked to this Event type.

  4. You can now complete the rest of the settings on the Booking pages and the Event types. Please note that if you have Booking pages with different time zones, the setting for using time zones with your Customers (in the Time slots section) must be enabled.

  5. Go back to Setup and create your Master page. Be sure to select "With Event types" as the Master page type.

  6. In the Included Booking pages section, select the Booking pages that should be included in the page.

  7. Go to the Flow and assignment section and define the Public labels your Customers will see and select Automatic assignment in the Scheduling flow section. Each Booking page has a set priority which by default is set to Medium - 5. If you want bookings to be assigned equally, just keep all assignment priorities equal. If you want bookings to be assigned by priority, you can change the priorities accordingly. Learn more about the different automatic assignment methods

  8. You can also define selection instructions for your Customers.

  9. To see the page in action, click the live link in the Master page's Overview section.

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