Automatic assignment methods

Automatic assignment takes effect when two or more members (Booking pages) are available for the selected time.

The Automatic assignment method is controlled by the Assignment priority column that is added to the list of Booking pages when the Automatic assignment option is selected.

The assignment priority column enables two assignment methods:

  1. Equal distribution: Equal distribution takes place when all available Booking pages have the same assignment priority. It does not matter what the assignment priority level is, as long as it is identical for all available Booking pages. In this case the system will use the round robin method to assign bookings between all available Booking pages.

  2. Assignment by priority: With assignment by priority, the system will assign the booking to the member (Booking page) with the highest priority among all members that are available in a given time. It doesn't matter if a member has a priority that is higher by one increment, or the maximum of nine increments. Assignment by priority is suitable for situations where you want the calendar of the higher priority member to fill up before the calendars of other members.

  3. Combination of both: It is possible to combine both methods by having equal priority for some pages and different priority for others.

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