Associating Booking pages with an Event type in pooled availability

If your Booking pages are not associated with Event types, you will see an alert in the Master page Flow and assignment section. This alert may or may not be relevant to you, depending on how you want to use your Master page.

There are four possible cases:

A) If you don't know what Pooled availability is, you can read the Introduction to pooled availability article.

B) If you know what Pooled availability is and don't need to use it, simply ignore this alert.

C) If you want to use Pooled availability and also need to use Event types, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the Master page.
  2. Set up your Event types and associate them with Booking pages you want to include in the Master page.
  3. Create a new Master page and select "With Event types" as the page type. The alert will not appear in this page.

You can get specific instructions for your pooled availability scenario in the Automatic member assignment article or the Find member by time article.

D) If you want to use pooled availability but have no need for Event types, you should still associate all Booking pages with one Event type. This is necessary in order to create commonality in some of the booking settings. Since all Booking pages are associated with one Event type only, this will be completely transparent to your Customers and they will not need to choose an Event type. You can learn more about this in the How does Pooled availability work? article. In this case, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Delete the Master page.
  2. Create a single Event type and name it as the subject of your meeting.
  3. Associate all Booking pages to this Event type.
  4. Create a new Master page that uses Event types.

You can get specific instructions for your pooled availability scenario in the Automatic member assignment article or the Find member by time article.

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