Accessing your account

To access your ScheduleOnce Account, go to the ScheduleOnce Activity stream. There can be two cases:

Case #1: ScheduleOnce is recognizing you as a returning user

Once you’ve signed up and created your ScheduleOnce account, ScheduleOnce is set to recognize you when you return. This is done via a browser cookie that we store on your machine. If you use the same browser and have not deleted your cookies or signed out, you will see a Welcome back message when you arrive at the ScheduleOnce Activity stream:


Case #2: ScheduleOnce is not recognizing you as a returning user

If you are not recognized you will see this message:


You must click the Sign in button and enter your user name and password.

Note: If you are using a version of ScheduleOnce that was installed from the G Suite Marketplace, you must access it from within your G Suite Account.

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