Deleting Users

This article explains how to delete Users from your account. If you wish to delete your account, please see the Delete account article. 

User management allows you to add, edit, and delete Users. Only administrators can manage Users. You can access the Users section from the Account and Profile icon in the top right corner. 

For help in adding, editing, and deleting Users, see this video:

In order to delete a User, you must first reassign any Booking pages currently owned by that User. There are two ways to assign ownership of a Booking page to a user:

  1. Go to Account -> Users -> Relevant User -> Booking pages. In this section, you need to initiate the change of ownership from the receiving User's profile, rather than the current Owner's User profile.
  2. Go to Setup -> Relevant Booking page -> Overview sectionHere you can edit the specific Booking page's Owner. You must be an editor on the page to edit the ownership in this way. 

A Booking page must always have an Owner, so you must assign it to another User if you want to change its ownership. Changing ownership will effectively remove ownership for the existing User at the same time.

Once you have reassigned the Booking pages belonging to the User, you can rollover the specific user in the Users section and click Delete.  

After confirming the deletion, this will immediately delete the User's account and send the User and all Administrators an email notification. If the User is working in the account when the delete button is clicked, they will be automatically signed out.

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