Managing your ScheduleOnce bookings

Home page Activity stream

Managing bookings is easy with ScheduleOnce. The Home page of your account is where all your account’s bookings are captured in one place. It is where you can view, organize, and execute various actions on your bookings. The Home page is there to act like your virtual bookings organizer.

The Home page is available from your desktop and mobile admin interfaces. The mobile admin interface is optimized for both mobile phones and tablets, providing an ideal user experience for every device type.

Executing actions on your bookings

All bookings follow a lifecycle. Depending on which phase of the lifecycle a booking is in, its scheduling status changes, as do the scheduling actions available to you. Learn more about lifecycle phases

Below each user action is discussed:

Responding to a Booking request

When you are using Booking with approval mode and a Booking request is submitted, you will receive an email with suggested meeting times the Customer selected. In the Home page Activity stream the booking will be in the Requested status.

You can either choose to:

  1. Approve the request and schedule the booking
  2. Request the Customer to submit new times
  3. Cancel the Booking request completely

Requesting a reschedule/canceling a booking

You can choose to cancel bookings, or request Customers to reschedule bookings which are in the Scheduled, Rescheduled, Completed, No-show, Canceled status. Depending on whether the Booking page which the booking was made via is linked to Event types or not, the actions available to you in the Home page Activity stream will change.

If the Booking page on which the booking was made is NOT linked to Event types you have the option to:

  1. Cancel the booking and request reschedule
  2. Cancel the booking

If the Booking page on which the booking was made IS linked to Event types you have the option to either:

  1. Cancel the booking and send a reschedule request for the same Event type
  2. Cancel the booking and send a reschedule request for any Event type
  3. Cancel the booking

Note: If you are using our Payment integration, you can choose to issue a manual refund
when canceling a booking and requesting a reschedule for any Event type, ot when canceling the booking completely. Learn more about manual refunds by Owner

Tracking and reporting of no-shows

When an activity has passed its scheduled time, the status of the activity is automatically set to Completed. If your Customer did not attend the meeting, you can change the Completed status to No-show.

To change the status to No-show:

  • Select the Completed activity from the Home page activity stream.
  • In the Booking details tab, on the right hand side of the activity, click Set to No-show.

Note: You cannot change the status back to Completed, so please be sure you want it marked as No-show.

Learn more about tracking and reporting No-shows

Issuing a manual refund

Our Payment integration fully handles all payments throughout the booking lifecycle, including manual issuing of refunds.

The ability to manually refund Customers via ScheduleOnce enables you to handle cancellations and requests for reschedule initiated by the User, rather than by the Customer. Issuing manual refunds also allow you to deal with cancellations initiated by the Customer outside of ScheduleOnce. For example, you might want to issue a refund when your Customer notified you via email on a meeting cancellation.

Manual refunds can be issued for any PAID transaction directly from the Home page Activity stream. Learn more about manual refunds by Owner

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