When are Google events treated as busy in ScheduleOnce?

The setting for busy time in Google Calendar is found within the calendar event details. You can double-click on an event or select ‘Edit event.’ Scroll down and search for the ‘Show me as’ setting. The options for this setting are Available (Free in the new UI) and Busy.

1) AVAILABLE (Free in the new UI)ScheduleOnce will not read this time as busy. This is useful when you want to indicate specific events on your calendar without having those events block your availability on your Booking page.

2) BUSY: ScheduleOnce reads this time as busy and blocks availability on your Booking page.

All-day events in Google Calendar are set to Available (Free in the new UI) by default. Regular events are set to Busy by default. Learn more about using Google Calendar with ScheduleOnce


1) If your Booking page (or Master page) is offering availability at a time you believe you should be busy, you should first check to see whether the event in your calendar has the right status, as listed above. 

2) If this status is one that ScheduleOnce reads as busy, blocking availability on your Booking page, you should next check at Setup -> Booking pages -> Scheduling options on the relevant Booking page. Check to see if you are currently set to One-on-one sessions or Group sessions. If your Booking page is set to Group sessions, changing it to One-on-one sessions should fix the issue.

Please note:  If you have linked your Booking page to at least one Event type, the Scheduling options section will be in the Event types tab (Setup -> Event types) instead of in the Booking pages tab. Learn more

3) If neither of the above resolve the issue, please see further suggestions

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