Which plan is right for me?

If you are trying to decide between plans, we recommend examining our Pricing page or downloading our full plan comparison chart.

Basic plan:
The Basic plan is ideal for users who want to experience what online scheduling is like. This plan includes a wide variety of integrations including five different calendar integrations, Zapier integration and PayPal integration. Other features include reminders, SMS notifications and multiple scheduling modes.

Professional plan:
The Professional plan is ideal for users that need a flexible scheduling solution for their business. This plan allows you to create complex scheduling scenarios that offer many options to your customers in one point-of- access. The Professional plan gives you the ability to offer multiple event types, group sessions, session packages and other scheduling options.

There are many differences between the Basic and Professional plans. Users on the Professional plan can:

  • Offer multiple Event types to Customers and combine multiple Booking pages into one or more Master pages, to model advanced scheduling and team scenarios.
  • Publish Booking pages on website so Customers have a seamless scheduling experience without ever leaving your domain.
  • Fully customize and personalize Booking page theme with our Theme designer.
  • Fully customize the questions asked to Customers on your Booking forms.
  • Offer Group sessions so more than one person can book with you for the same time. Define the exact number of bookings that can be taken per time slot.
  • Offer Session packages to Customers so they can book multiple sessions with one submission.
  • Gain visibility into all scheduling activity on a high level by accessing our Reports, which can be filtered many ways, customized exactly as you like with your chosen custom fields, and exported to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.
  • Take advantage of our native Infusionsoft integration.
  • Take advantage of our native Zoom integration.
  • Take advantage of our native GoToMeeting integration
  • Booking page licenses are doubled per User, so you receive two Booking page licenses for each User license on Professional, whereas the Basic plan only give one Booking page license per User.

Enterprise plan:
The Enterprise plan is ideal for organizations with mission critical scheduling requirements who need scheduling to be completely integrated with their environment. The Enterprise plan enables automatic assignment of bookings, email from your domain, and complete customization of all customer and user communication.

There are a number of perks the Enterprise plan offers that the rest do not. The main differences between the Professional plan and Enterprise plan are:

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