ScheduleOnce solution for service & support


Providing a smooth service and support process is key to keeping your Customers happy and improving retention rates. When Customers request support, they expect a prompt response. Not knowing when they will be contacted can leave them anxious and agitated. If the issue cannot be resolved in the first interaction, this will raise the Customers’ anxiety level even further, testing their patience while their case is being escalated.

Incorporating online scheduling into your support request and escalation processes provides the necessary transparency to put you Customers at ease while their issue is being handled. Customers can easily schedule a meeting time, leading to faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.

To get started, ask yourself which scenario is right for you?

1. Schedule support sessions from your portal or app
If you offer online products and services, providing the ability to request support from within your portal or app is common practice. As Customers are already logged in, you can make sure to offer specific support based on Customer segments or product plans. The ability to schedule the support call from your portal or app is a no-brainer. Customers can describe their issue, select a desired meeting time, and their case is instantly assigned to the most skilled expert and a confirmation is sent. As this is a scheduled session, the team member can prepare for the meeting and conduct any required investigations ahead of the meeting time. If screen sharing is required, ScheduleOnce can be integrated with Zoom, GoToMeeting, or WebEx to automatically add session access information to all customer and user notifications.

2. Offer scheduling as an escalation path 
In many cases, a Customer’s problem cannot be resolved in the first interaction. ScheduleOnce provides the transparency required for team members to direct Customers to the first available Tier 2 team member who has the skills to resolve their case. The Customer can easily schedule a time convenient for them and does not need to wait unnecessarily. This level of certainty is especially important for reducing anxiety with a Customer who already had their patience stretched. When the appointment time arrives, the team member will be fully prepared with the Customer’s case history right at their fingertips. The waiting time will be minimized and a resolution will be provided quickly.

3. Offer scheduled pay-per-incident support
ScheduleOnce enables you to offer premium support via a pay-per-incident support model. As you are asking Customers to pay for support, the ability to schedule the support session on the spot is crucial for building Customer trust and increasing conversions.

Scheduling can be seamlessly integrated into your support request process. With the addition of ScheduleOnce Payment integration, all payment activities including payments, invoicing, and reporting are taken care of in an automated and secure manner. Customers select a time, pay for their session, and receive immediate confirmation of their booking and payment in one single action.

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