Sharing links in emails and other apps

After setting up your Booking pages or Master pages, you need to share them with your prospects and Customers. To access the links available to you, go to Share & Publish and select the Link tab. Booking pages can be shared using a General link, a Personalized link (URL parameters), a Personalized link (Salesforce ID), or a Personalized link (Infusionsoft ID). (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Links in the Share & Publish page

General link

General links are your standard links that look like this: (‘dana’ is a sample Booking page name). Customers will need to enter their personal information in the Booking form step when making a booking.

Personalized link (URL parameters)

With Personalized links (URL parameters), Prospects and Customers click on your Booking page link and pick a time, without having to provide any information that is already known to you. The Booking form can either be prepopulated with their details or skipped altogether. Personalized links using URL parameters can be sent through any email marketing app that supports merge fields. 

When using this link, you can pass dynamic data via the URL or define a static link specific to a Customer.   

Personalized link (Salesforce ID)

When scheduling with existing Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, or Case records, you can use our Personalized links (Salesforce ID) in your Salesforce buttonsSalesforce email templates or email form to automatically recognize Customers based on their Salesforce Record ID. 

Personalized link (Infusionsoft ID)

When scheduling with your existing Infusionsoft Contact base, you can use our Personalized links (Infusionsoft ID) in your Infusionsoft email and broadcasts to automatically recognize the Contact based on their Infusionsoft record ID.

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