I can't access my account

I’ve forgotten my password
With so many accounts online today it’s easy to forget your password. ScheduleOnce has a quick, easy and secure way to reset your password. Navigate to the ScheduleOnce sign-in page, click on “Forgot your password” and enter your registered login email. We will send you a Password reset link which you can use to sign in.

How do I reset my password?
We’ve done our best to make the password reset process as seamless as possible without compromising security. When you click on “Forgot your password” from the ScheduleOnce sign-in page you will begin the password reset process.

You should first provide your login email and submit a request for a Password reset link. Navigate to the mail inbox associated with your sign in email and open your Password reset link. Clicking on the link will prompt you for a new password and immediately log you into your account.

My Password reset link isn’t working
For security reasons Password reset links are sometimes deactivated. If your password reset link isn’t working it may be that:
  • The link has expired. Password reset links remain active for 60 minutes from the time they were issued.
  • The link has been used before. Password reset links can only be used once. 
  • A newer link has been issued. Only the most recently issued password reset link can be active, older links expire automatically. Make sure you’re checking the most recent email for the link. 

If you see one of the above errors, you can always start the process again by clicking on “Forgot your password” link on the sign in page. 

I’ve forgotten my login email or my login email is no longer accessible
Don’t fear! The ScheduleOnce customer success team is here to save the day. Simply contact us and we will get you back into your account as securely and quickly as we can. We will need to verify you as the account owner to protect your data 
How do you verify me as the account owner?
Each account is evaluated on a case by case basis and depends on your specific circumstances. Typically, you will be asked to provide billing details, photographic ID or answers to security questions. You can save time by providing the following information in your initial request:
As a form ID, send us a photo of one of the following:
  1. Passport
  2. Driver’s license
  3. National Identification card
If you pay by credit card:
  1. The last 4 digits of your card
  2. The credit card brand (Visa/MasterCard/AmEx)
  3. The name as it appears on the card
  4. The registered billing address
If you pay with PayPal:
  1. The PayPal login email
  2. The profile ID for the recurring subscription
Where is the profile ID for my recurring subscription?
  1. Login to the PayPal account associated with your ScheduleOnce account
  2. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) >> Payments (tab) >> Manage upcoming payments >> Preapproved payments >> My preapproved payments. Here you should find a recurring payment to “ScheduleOnce LLC”. Click into the subscription to see the details.
  3. Here you should see the profile ID. See screenshot below.


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