Rescheduling with the same Booking page

If your Master page includes multiple Booking pages and you are using Event types, you have the option to define how bookings will be assigned during the scheduling process. When a booking is made, you can decide to have Customers manually select a Booking page, or you can decide to assign Booking pages automatically based on Pooled availability

Often, you want to ensure that the team member assigned to the original booking will remain the same if the booking is rescheduled. This ensures that the team member is responsible for the service provided to the Customer during the entire booking lifecycle, resulting in better customer service and improved customer experience.

You have the option to restrict Customers during the rescheduling process by only allowing rescheduling with the same Booking page with which they made the booking. To enable the rescheduling option, go to Setup > relevant Master page, and select the Flow and assignment section.


To enable this rescheduling option, you must:
  • Be a ScheduleOnce admin
  • Work with Event types

Scheduling scenarios

When the Customer reschedules a booking, the same Booking page on which the booking was originally made will be presented. Note that the reschedule option is available when working in Automatic mode or Booking with approval.

The reschedule option is applied to the following scheduling scenarios:
  • Customer reschedules a booking: The Customer clicks the Cancel/reschedule link from the booking confirmation notification and reschedules the booking. In the Activity stream, the original event is simply updated with the new time and moved in the calendar as a Rescheduled activity. There is no canceled activity and one calendar event is used for the entire booking lifecycle, keeping your records more consistent and efficient. Learn more about rescheduling by Customer
  • User sends a request to reschedule for the same Event type: In this case, the Customer clicks the Request reschedule link from the Reschedule requested by User notification and reschedules the booking. In the Activity stream, the original activity is canceled and a new activity is created when the Customer reschedules. Learn more about reschedule by User with Event types

Important: If the Booking page cannot accept bookings, the Customer will not be able to reschedule.

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