Time zones in a nutshell

State of the art time zones management is one of the cornerstones of ScheduleOnce. The challenge of time zone support is to get it right every time, while hiding its complexity from both the User and the Customer. Hundreds of geolocations and Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes are meticulously calculated according to our proprietary global database. Accurate time zone settings are crucial for punctual scheduling, and ScheduleOnce boasts the best available time zone support.
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Profile time zone

Each User has a personal time zone set in their profile, representing the time zone of their standard location. This time zone is the default for all new Booking pages created with that User as owner. Changing the profile time zone will only be reflected in new Booking pages, and will not affect any existing Booking pages.

Booking page time zone

Each Booking page has a defined time zone, which is accessible from a few sections including the Overview, Recurring availability and Date-specific availability sections. All meetings scheduled using that Booking page will be in the specified time zone. The connected calendar time zone should be the same as the Booking page time zone - See the troubleshooting section below. Learn more about Booking page time zone

Customer’s time zone setting

When your Customer makes a booking, their time zone is usually auto-detected by ScheduleOnce. Auto-detection accuracy is usually very high. You can manage the Time zone conversion for your Customers under the Time slots section, which may be located under your Booking page or Event type, depending on your setup. The options are:
  • On – Time zones are converted and time slots are displayed in the Customer’s local time. This is useful when Customers may be in various locations and time zones. Two modes are available: either Customers must always confirm their time zone, or Customers confirm their time zone only if auto-detection fails.
  • Off - Time zones are not converted and time slots are displayed to Customers in the Booking page time zone. This is useful when all Customers are located in the Booking page time zone.
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Troubleshooting time zone issues

Are you experiencing an offset between the scheduled meeting time and the time appearing on your calendar? If so, it is often caused by a mismatch between your calendar’s time zone and the Booking page’s time zone. Here’s how to fix this depending on your connected calendar:

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