Sharing and publishing in a nutshell

Once you have finished setting up your Booking pages and Master pages, you're ready to start receiving bookings. ScheduleOnce offers a wide range of sharing and publishing options that will help your leads and Customers connect with you and your team. Our sharing options allow you to send links to Customers to schedule with you, while our publishing options allow you to place scheduling calls-to-action on your website or landing page. Your Customers can schedule with you via Booking pages embedded directly into your website.

You can choose to personalize the scheduling experience for your Customers, so that they will only have to pick a time, without having to provide any information you already have. There are several benefits to personalizing the booking process, including:
  • Saving your Customers the need to fill out their information, which you already have
  • Increasing conversion rates by saving time and reducing the number of steps it takes to book
  • Ensuring that a lead or Customer always registers with the same email, which will help you avoid CRM duplicate records


Each Booking page and Master page has its own unique Public link that can be shared. Links that you share with your prospects and Customers can either be general or personalized. 

The simplest way to share your pages is by using General links, which can be sent by emailadded to your signature or added to any other clickable element. General links require your Customers to identify themselves by filling in their personal details during the booking process.

With Personalized links, prospects and Customers click on your link and pick a time, without having to provide any information that is already known to you. The Booking form can either be prepopulated with their details or skipped altogether. Links can be personalized in any of the following ways:  


You can add scheduling calls-to-action to your website, landing page or app by using one of ScheduleOnce's three publishing options: the website embedwebsite button, or website widget.

Our website embed and button can be integrated with web forms. The name and email of the prospect can be passed on from your web form to ScheduleOnce’s Booking form, allowing the scheduling process to be quick and easy. Prospects will simply select a time without having to provide any additional details. If you are using ScheduleOnce’s native Salesforce or Infusionsoft integration, the CRM record ID can be used to identify an existing contact or lead. Alternatively, you can pass data via URL parameters.

When using our native Salesforce or Infusionsoft integration, you can personalize scheduling on your landing pages. This will help you maximize booking rates in Salesforce campaigns and Infusionsoft campaigns.

Scheduling can also be offered to registered Customers after they login into your app or portal. In this case, your Customer's identity is already known, and can be passed to the scheduling process.

Summary of all options

  Share – send a link by email Publish – add a call-to-action to your website
General General links: Non-personalized publishing options:
Personalized Personalized links: Personalized publishing options:

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