Master page types

Master pages are a flexible tool that you can use to unite your Booking pages into a single point of access for your Customers. ScheduleOnce offers two types of Master pages that you can use for different scheduling scenarios. The type determines which Booking pages you can include in your Master page and what configurations you can use.

The two types are: with Event types or without Event types. If your Master page type is "with Event types," then all included Booking pages must have at least one Event type (recommended). If your Master page type is "without Event types," then all included Booking pages must be without Event types.

When you create a Master page, you will need to choose which type of page you would like to create. This setting cannot be edited after the page is created, so it is important that you choose the right type for your needs. If you need to change the Master page type, you can delete the page and recreate it from scratch with the other type selected.

Master page type: with Event types

ScheduleOnce recommends using Booking pages with Event types when creating a Master page. Using Event types will give you more control over the customer flow for booking appointments. Using at least one Event type has several other advantages including: If you want to use these features, but do not want to offer different Event types, create one Event type to be associated with all of your Booking pages. Name this Event type the type of meeting you are hosting. When your Customers book with you, the Event type selection step will be skipped, and this Event type will be automatically selected.

Master page type: without Event types

If you do not use Event types and your Booking pages are not associated with Event types, select "Master page without Event types" when first creating the Master page. You will then include Booking pages without Event types in your Master page. This Master page type is useful if there are no shared settings between your Booking pages.

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