Creating a Booking page

Booking pages are the basis of ScheduleOnce's robust and flexible scheduling approach. They are powerful and versatile pages through which bookings are made. Booking pages can be used with or without Event types, depending on your specific scheduling scenario.

You can create a new Booking page from scratch or simply duplicate an existing page to copy all your page settings. 


To create Booking pages, you must be either a ScheduleOnce Administrator or a Member with the permission enabled in your Profile.

How to create a new Booking page?

  1. Go to Setup and click the Plus button  in the Booking pages pane.
  2. The New Booking page popup appears. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: New Booking page popup
  1. Define the properties for your Booking page:
  1. Click Save & Edit. You will be redirected to the Booking page Overview section to continue editing your settings. 

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