Using the free text filter

The free text filter allows you to find specific activities in your Activity stream. To make use of the free text filter, type in any information that appears in the details of an activity, such as the name of a Booking page owner, a Customer’s name, Customer email address or an Activity ID.

Each activity type has specific fields included in the activity details. When you enter information into the free text filter, it filters through the following fields per Activity type:

Activity type Fields
Booking activities Customer name, Customer email, Subject/Service name, duration, Detailed status, Booking status, Booking page, Attendee name, Attendee email, Tracking ID
Session packages Event type name, Session package status, Booking page, Attendee name, Attendee email, Package ID
Transactions Customer name, Customer email, Transaction type, Event type name, Booking page, Payer's email address, Invoice number, PayPal transaction ID, Parent PayPal transaction ID, Transaction ID
* Note that custom fields are not supported. 

To make your filter more precise, you can use specific search operators. Below is the list of search operators available in the stream:

Phrase search operator " "

Put multiple keywords or a phrase inside quotes " ". For example, "John Smith" filters all Activities that include exactly the full name John Smith. This is useful if you are looking for a specific company name or the event type name.

Suffix operator *

Put an asterisk at the end of your word. for example, dan*  returns all activities that have a term that starts with "dan," ignoring case.

OR operator

Put "OR" between each filter. For example, OR  searches for activities containing either or or both.

AND operator

Put "AND" between each filter. For example, Scheduled AND Reassigned returns activities that are both scheduled and reassigned.


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