Distribution method - Round Robin

Round robin is an organization-focused Distribution method that should be used if achieving an equal booking distribution is your top priority. For example, you may choose to use Round robin to distribute demos or initial consultations to account executives. Each account executive will have an equal opportunity to achieve their sales goals.

When using Round robin assignment, you can ensure that cancellations, reassignments, and no-shows do not affect booking distribution equality. By enabling Automatic correction, any team member who falls behind will be automatically moved to the front of the line until caught up.

How are bookings assigned with Round robin?

To distribute bookings via Round robin, you need to create a Resource pool and add it to a Master page. When a Customer visits your Master page, they will only see the availability of the next team member in line to receive a booking.

How do I create a Resource pool that uses Round robin?

  1. Go to Setup, open the left sidebar and select Resource pools in the tools section.
  2. Click the blue button to create a new Resource pool. The New Resource pool popup appears. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: New Resource pool popup

  1. Name your Resource pool.
  2. Select Round robin as the Distribution method.
  3. Select a Reporting cycle.
  4. Click Save & Edit. You will be redirected to the Resource pool Overview section.
  5. Navigate to the Resources section and select which Booking pages to include in the dropdown.
  6. Toggle on Automatic correction to ensure the booking distribution remains equal at all times. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2: Automatic correction
  1. Make sure to add your Resource pool to a Master page. Bookings will not be distributed to pool members until the Resource pool is included in a Master page.

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