Can I shut down the computer on which the connector is installed?

If your computer is the only way in which your Outlook calendar is accessed, you can shut it down and no double bookings will be created. When you turn the computer back on, it will automatically perform a sync to make sure that your Outlook Calendar is updated with any bookings that were made via ScheduleOnce when your computer was turned off.

However, If your Outlook calendar can be updated by other methods and not only via your PC, closing the computer on which the connector is installed or disconnecting it from the internet might result in double bookings in the following cases:

  • You are also accessing your Exchange Calendar from a mobile device
  • You are also accessing your Exchange calendar from the Outlook web interface
  • You are using ScheduleOnce with calendars that have been shared with you and can be updated by the calendar owners

In the above cases, the PC on which the connector is running should not be turned off.

If you are seeing double booking in your Outlook Calendar, please check suggestions in our troubleshooting article for when the connector is not syncing as expected.

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