Multiple team members accepting appointments without Event types

You can use ScheduleOnce to accept bookings for multiple team members. Team members can be accessed via one Master page or independently via their individual Booking pages. Learn more about User management

You must be a ScheduleOnce Administrator to set up this scenario.

Take the following steps to set up multiple team members without Event types:

  1. Go to Account -> Users and create a User account for each team member.

  2. You can create a Booking page for each team member and make the team member the Owner of the page. Alternatively, you can leave it to the team members to create their own Booking pages. Learn more about Booking pages

  3. If you want to group Booking pages under one page you can create a Master page. Make sure you select "Without Event types" as your Master page type.

  4. Select the Booking pages to add to the Master page and customize the page's scheduling flow.

  5. When you have many team members, you might want to add Tags to your Booking pages so that Customers can find the person with whom they need to book time in a fast and efficient manner. Tags enable Customers to filter Booking pages by keywords. Learn more about Tags

  6. In addition, you can use Categories to organize your Booking pages. Categories enable you to better model your scheduling scenarios. They are an important way to organize information so the Customer experiences a simple decision process. This results in a booking process that is faster, easier to navigate, and creates a better overall scheduling experience for your Customers. Learn more about Categories

  7. Test your Master page by clicking on the live link in the Master page Overview section.

See a live demo of a team Master page without Event types

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