Room and resource scheduling

This article explains the setup for booking resources directly, where the resource is the entity that is being booked, such as a room for example. If you need to accept appointments and also reserve a resource, please see the Booking conditional on the availability of a single resource article and the Booking conditional on the availability of multiple resources article.

Important: Resource scheduling can be done with regular Outlook or Google Calendars in your connected calendar, or with organizational resource calendars. Learn more about using Exchange resource calendars. Learn more about using G Suite resource calendars.

Take the following steps to setup scheduling for rooms and resources:

  1. If you are not using organizational resource calendars, create a calendar for each resource. All resource calendars can be created in your calendar as sub calendars.

  2. In ScheduleOnce, go to Setup and create a Booking page for each resource.

  3. In the Associated calendars section of each Booking page, you should select the resource's calendar as the calendar in which bookings are created, and also as the calendar from which busy time is retrieved.

  4. In the Booking page Public content section, you may add tags for each resource. This will allow Customers to filter the resource list by tag properties. This additional filter enables Customers to quickly and efficiently find the appropriate resource and make a booking.

    At this point, you need to decide between two approaches: you can either use Booking pages only or you can use Booking pages and Event types. Event types can be used to specify the booking duration, and enable use of Payment integration, which you can use to collect payment every time the resource is booked. A different price can be set for each Event type specifying the different booking durations. Learn more about using multiple Event types
  1. Once you are done with the settings, create a Master page. When creating the Master page, be sure to select the Master page type you want to use: With Event types or Without. You may then customize the following settings:

You can test your Master page by clicking on the live link in the Master page's Overview section.

See a live demo for room and resource scheduling

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