Responding to a booking request

This article applies to the Booking with approval mode only. If you work in the Automatic booking mode, the appointment is scheduled automatically.

When a Booking request is submitted, you will receive an email with suggested meeting times the Customer selected.

Where to respond to a booking request?
You can respond to this Booking request from two different places:

  • From the email you receive with the suggested meeting times: In the email, there will be a button to approve the Customer’s request and select the time you prefer.

  • From the Home Page activity stream: Another way to respond to a Booking request is from your ScheduleOnce Home page activity stream. Simply click on the Requested activity. In the Booking details tab, on the right hand side, either click on the Schedule link if the suggested times work for you, or on the Cancel/Request new times link if these times don’t work for you.

Note: In the mobile admin interface, both the Schedule and Cancel/Request new times links are in the Home page activity stream itself rather than in a Booking details tab on the right hand side of the Requested activity. The interface is optimized for both mobile phones and tablets, providing an ideal user experience for every device type.

How to respond to a booking request?

  • Approving the booking request: If the times suggested by the Customer work for you, click on the Schedule link. This will bring you to the Schedule page which shows the times that the Customer has requested will be displayed and allows you to select the one you want and Schedule. Learn more about scheduling a booking request

  • Cancelling/Requesting new times: If the times suggested by the Customer don’t work for you, click on the Cancel/Request new times link. This will open a wizard which allows you either to Cancel the booking request and request new times, or just Cancel the booking request altogether. Learn more about Cancelling/Requesting new times

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