Master page: Flow and assignment

The Master page Flow and assignment section allows you to model a wide range of scheduling scenarios at both the individual and organizational levels. The settings will vary based on the Master page type (with or without Event types), and whether you have public Categories in your account.

Public labels

These labels will be used to title the Customer's selection. They will be displayed during the scheduling process as selections are made, and in the scheduling confirmation page and emails. If you have public Categories in your account, set their labels here as seen by Customers.

Scheduling flow

Mater pages without Event types allow only one flow, so this sub-section will not show. Master pages with Event types offer up to four alternative flows to choose from. Your flow selection will determine the steps your Customer will take during the scheduling process, and the order of these steps.
  1. Event types first - Customers select an Event type, then a Booking page, and then a Time
  2. Booking pages first - Customers select a Booking page, then an Event type, and then a Time
  3. Automatic assignment - Customers select an Event type, then a Time, and a Booking page is assigned automatically (Pooled availability)
  4. Find member by time - Customers select an Event type, then a Time, and then a Booking page (Pooled availability)

Selection instructions

In this section, you will tell Customers what they should select. This section and its contents may vary based on previous settings, and only the relevant fields will be displayed. Specify the instructions to help your Customers understand what are they choosing. These instructions will appear in the appropriate steps in the booking process.

Conditional settings

The following settings may appear based on your previous selections.

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