The Activity stream

The Activity stream is the central hub where you can manage all of your booking and payment activity. The high-performance Activity stream provides advanced functionality for filtering and searching, giving you quick access to the information you require. You can locate specific activities with our free text search, and easily view daily meetings, upcoming meetings, and booking requests. You can also create custom filters, which can be saved for easy access.

When viewing a specific activity, you will be able to view related activities, such as payments, rescheduled bookings, and cancellations. You can also perform actions such as refunding a payment or requesting to reschedule. You will have full insight into your organization’s bookings and be able to manage all activities easily in one place.

Activity stream

By default, the Activity stream shows all activities, sorted by the last updated date. All activities, both completed and in the future, appear in your Activity stream. In addition, the list of activities is based on your profile's time zone, allowing you to see relevant information at all times.
The stream lists all activities that you have access to. You will see all Bookings for which you are the Booking owner, Reassigned booking owner, Editor, or Viewer. Learn more about Booking page access permissions  
The Details pane of each activity allows you to access additional information about the activity and perform specific actions, such as Cancel/request reschedule. Learn more about the Booking lifecycle actions and statuses, Session package statuses, and Payment transaction statuses

Searching the Stream

There are two main ways to search through your Activity stream. You may use the basic filter option or a simple free text search.

Today's meeting, upcoming meetings, and booking requests filters: You can choose to view only Today’s meetings, Upcoming meetings, or Booking requests. To choose one of these options, navigate to the left sidebar on the Activity stream and select the relevant choice. Your Activity stream will automatically update to show only relevant activities. 
Using filters to find activities: The basic filter option allows you to filter activities by Unread activities, Creation date, Last updated, Activity type, Bookings, Session packages, or Transactions. To filter by these options, click in the Search or filter box directly above the list of activities. You may then select the appropriate filter. For some of these options, you will then be prompted to choose a more specific filter from among several options. 
Free text search: Free text search allows you to search for an activity based on information about that activity. You may search for the Booking page owner, an email address, the Customer name, the Activity ID, or any other string that may appear in the details of the activity.
Learn more about the Activity stream:

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