Sharing Google Calendars

Your ScheduleOnce account connects to a Google Calendar account and allows you to access all calendars under that account.

If you need to access additional calendars that are not part of your Google Calendar account, you can ask owners of these Google Calendars to share their calendars with you. Note that when you want other people to share their Google Calendar with your Google Calendar account that is connected to ScheduleOnce, they should choose the "Share with specific people" option, enter the email address of your Google Calendar account and select the appropriate permission level.

Below are the different permission levels and their supported calendar configurations:

  • The main calendar in which bookings are created:  This calendar is the owner of the calendar event. You need to ask the calendar owner to share the calendar with full permissions: 'Make changes AND manage sharing'. Otherwise, you will not have permission to create a calendar event in this calendar.
  • Busy time retrieval or additional booking calendars: You can retrieve busy time from calendars or add the calendar event to additional calendars as guests. This can be done with sharing at any permission level even the lowest level: 'See free busy information'. This enables people who share their calendar with you to keep the privacy of their calendars.

If you are new to Google Calendar sharing, here is a short video from Google:

Learn more about Google calendar sharing on Google.

Learn more about configuring your Google Calendar settings.

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