Member vs. Administrator User types

When your account includes more than one User license, you can create two types of Users: Administrators and Members. The User type can always be changed by an Administrator. Learn more about User management

Figure 1: Choosing User type

The Administrator has complete access to nearly all functions and data in the account. There can be multiple Administrators per account. The only areas the Administrator is not able to access are another Member's connection to third party integrations, and his Personal details, in order to maintain privacy.

Members have a limited account. By default, a Member is allowed to create Booking pages. The Administrator can change these default settings at any point by editing the User profile for that Member within Users settings.

Figure 2: Member role

Members cannot perform the following functions:

  1. Upgrade or downgrade the account plan
  2. Purchase User licenses or Booking pages
  3. Add, delete, or update Users
  4. Assign Booking page ownership
  5. Create or update Event types
  6. Create or update Master pages
  7. Change the Report header
  8. Select the currency displayed for Event type prices
  9. Have a viewer role for a Booking page
  10. Change the order of Booking pages or Event types
  11. Purchase SMS credits
  12. Set up Email from your domain
  13. Create and edit Booking forms
  14. Create or edit themes in the theme designer
  15. Create and edit Notification templates
  16. Create and edit Booking page tags
  17. Members cannot generate or access reports
  18. Trigger Zaps from any Booking page


  • If you are using our Payment integration and your Payment settings enable manual refund, both Members and Administrators can be granted permission to process manual refunds from ScheduleOnce. By default Administrators are granted permission to process manual refunds and Members are not. Administrators can change these default settings at any point by editing a specific user’s profile within Users settings.

  • If you are using our Zapier integration, Administrators can be granted permission to trigger Zaps from all Booking pages in the account. The permission only applies to Zaps connected via the specific Administrator. By default, both Administrators and Members can only trigger Zaps from Booking pages they own. Administrators can change this default setting at any point by editing a specific Administrator’s profile within the User profile.

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