Accessing your account

Note: If you are using a version of ScheduleOnce that was installed from the G Suite Marketplace, you must access it from within your G Suite Account.

To access your ScheduleOnce Account, go to the ScheduleOnce Activity stream. There can be two cases:

Case #1: ScheduleOnce is recognizing you as a returning user
Once you’ve signed up and created your ScheduleOnce account, ScheduleOnce is set to recognize you when you return. This is done via a browser cookie that we store on your machine. If you use the same browser and have not deleted your cookies or signed out, you will see a Welcome back message when you arrive at the ScheduleOnce Activity stream:

Case #2: ScheduleOnce is not recognizing you as a returning user
If you are not recognized you will see this message:

You must click the Sign in button and sign in with the ID with which you signed up.

If you signed up with your own user name and password (a ScheduleOnce ID), simply enter them and you will be signed in. If you signed up with a Google ID and don't have an open session with Google, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. This will grant access to your ScheduleOnce account.

If you already have an open Google session in your browser, ScheduleOnce will attempt to sign in with that session. However, if this session is using a sign in ID that is different from the one that you originally used to sign up for ScheduleOnce, you will receive an alert message that will prompt you to first sign in with the correct Google account.

In this case, you should take the following steps:

  1. Abort the ScheduleOnce sign in process
  2. Sign out of Google
  3. Sign back in to Google, this time with the ID that you used to sign up for your ScheduleOnce account
  4. Sign back in to ScheduleOnce, this time with the correct Google ID
  5. ScheduleOnce will recognize the new sign in ID and will log you into your account

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