Booking conditional on the availability of a single resource

This article explains the setup for booking conditional on the availability of a single resource. If you need to book appointments conditional on the availability of multiple resources, see the Booking conditional on the availability of multiple resources article.

There are many situations where booking should be conditional on the availability of a single resource, like a specific conference room. In this case, the Booking page can retrieve busy time from both the User’s calendar and the resource’s calendar. It will only display availability when both are free. When a booking is made, the calendar event is added to the User’s calendar as well as to the resource’s calendar. 

Conditional booking can be done with regular Outlook Calendars, Google Calendars, or with G Suite resource calendars. It cannot be done with Exchange resource calendars.

We will now show how to create a Booking page conditional on the availability of a single resource.  

  1. If you are planning to use regular calendars to represent resources, create a calendar for each resource in a Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar account. If you are using G Suite resource calendars, there is no need for this step.

  2. Go to the Associated calendars section in the Booking page. The Calendar list displays the list of sub-calendars in the User's connected Calendar. In the calendar list, you should see the main connected calendar and any sub-calendars that has been shared with the main calendar.

  3. Select the main calendar in which bookings are created – This is the User's calendar in which bookings will be created.

  4. Select the resource calendar from which busy time is retrieved – This is the resource sub-calendar that was shared with the User. Note that the User should only select ONE resource calendar. If more than one resource calendar is selected, you will be displaying time slots only when all resources are available and not when any resource is available.

  5. Select the resource calendar to which the calendar event will be added – This is the same shared resource sub-calendar. This will automatically reserve the resource when the booking is made.

  6. Click Save

You’re done!

Note: Conditional booking cannot be used with Session packages. Learn more about conflicting settings

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