Duplicating an Event type

You can save precious time when setting up and maintaining your ScheduleOnce account. Both Booking pages and Event types can be duplicated. Duplication will instantly clone all settings, including images. 

To duplicate an Event type, go to Setup, click the action menu () of the relevant Event type, and select Duplicate. In the new window, select a public name and an optional image. Once you click the Save button, you will be brought to the duplicated Event type settings. 

Duplication rules

  • Only Administrators have the permission to create or duplicate Event types.
  • The new Event type inherits all settings from the source Event type.
  • Association with Booking pages is not duplicated.
  • Inclusion in Master pages is not duplicated.
  • The new Event type appears just above the source Event type on the Setup screen, and under the same category.

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